Face Masks Now was launched by Gorilla Marketing in response to the need for face masks based on social distancing requirements caused by COVID-19. While the novel coronavirus was the reason we pivoted to the mask business, we are not new to garments, licensing, or branding apparel. We have a 41 year history serving organizations such as American Water, Watermark Retirement Communities, MillerCoors, and Chipotle, and hold over 25 collegiate licenses in California, Washington, Oregon, Arizona, Nevada, Utah, and Georgia. 

The goal of providing Face Mask Now is to help people return to normalcy and get back to our pre-COVID routines. Behind the scenes, our efforts are directed to serving organizations and helping individuals. We proudly provide masks for universities, including Cal Berkeley, UCLA, Cal State Fullerton, the University of Georgia, and organizations such as Kaiser Permanente and LA County Metro. And we are laser focused on making FaceMasksNow.org your source for high-quality cloth face masks at a reasonable price.

In the first two months alone we sold and shipped over 2 million face masks and donated over 30,000 to those caring for and serving the most vulnerable.

If you have a minute, we encourage you to listen as our Founder and CEO, Chris Arranaga, shares a bit of our story.




On behalf of all of us ... Stay well!