Regardless of whether you know someone who's been impacted by the novel Coronavirus or simply opted to stay safe at home to protect others, you've felt the impact of COVID-19 in your life. So many things have changed but one thing remains: giving back is the right thing to do!

Before the crisis our team participated in and donated to food drives and other acts of service in our local communities through the Gorilla Gives initiative.

When COVID-19 became a crisis, we pivoted our business and our giving to focus on supporting organizations that have a need for face masks. From donations to hospitals, fire departments homeless shelters, food banks, and caregivers serving at risk populations, to larger donations to transportation authorities and other agencies who help all of us, we've donated over 25,000 disposable face masks, and we continue to give!  

Why are we doing it? We want to help, it’s as simple as that.

You can join us in helping others by suggesting places in need!

If you or someone you know needs face masks, please let us know.

Complete the form below and let us know a bit about your organization, who you are and how many masks you need donated. 
Thank you and stay well!